What I Read This Week – 12/28/11


I was expecting more out of this comic, and so far it’s just circling around and not going anywhere. All the characters are all separated from each other, and even though Weird Apocalyptic Shit is happening everywhere, it’s apparently not happening where the heroes are so there’s no sense of impact. I suppose in a couple issues they’re all going to take down the bad guy and team up for good. I’d like to just fast forward to that part now please? Because this prologue is boring.


So far every issue I’ve read of this series has seemed fun but inconsequential. It’s just a different weird action setpiece each time, and then the heroes defeat the bad guys, who apparently have a master plot but really it’s just a bunch of unconnected doomsday devices that always get disabled. This issue has time travel though, and I do love me a good time travel story. Plus it’s less slight on character than most other issues, it actually takes its time instead of just blowing stuff up while driving cars.


As an artist-written comic this is of a piece with Batwoman, and I’d say that Flash has the better writing and Batwoman has the better art of the two. Flash is lovely of course, but how can you compete with J.H. Williams? By having a pretty keen villain concept. Hopefully this book will keep going to ultra-science weirdness, the kind of science that makes lightning + chemical lab = super-speed. Also more sailbuggies.


This actually came out last week but I didn’t remember to get it until this one. I thought it was bigger than normal, but I counted the pages and the extra space is all ads to compensate for the two-page spreads, because there is So! Much! Bluster! that it needs bigger pages to fit it all in. I hope Doc Ock keeps getting rebuilt into progressively bigger robotic bodies until he’s like Galactus-sized and Sentai Spider-Man shows up to take him down. That’s a book I’d like to read. As opposed to this book which is okay. Spider-Island was really enjoyable but Slott has failed to really wow me, even though I keep reading his stuff. I’ll stick around for the Daredevil crossover but after that, this book’s on notice. NOTICE.


For whatever reason I thought this was going to be a permanent ongoing like 100 Bullets but then I realized it was only gonna be 9 issues and it threw me for a loop. Let’s hope it can build to something more satisfying in 6 more issues. I suppose the shit’s about to hit the fan (or however they say that in future-slang) so things are probably going to start moving. Risso’s always worth looking at even if it doesn’t work out.


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