What I Read This Week – 1/18/2012

We’ll say it’s late due to snow, yeah, that’s as good an excuse as any.


The internet said this was going to be good and indeed it was! You know what this reminds me of actually is a hyperviolent Rice Boy, what with them both beind about an outsider journeying across a weird land to resurrect God. Between this and Spaceman it might be a good time for science fiction comics. Break the superhero’s hold on the direct market! Fight the power! But I suppose a lot of the enduring power of superheroes is that you can take any kind of genre and wrap a superhero costume around it. I mean, Green Lantern is basically 100% sci-fi-action-adventure. Maybe we can see some more quiet and socially oriented science fiction comics, like the New Wave authors of old? No, there is no room for that in comics. It must have explosions! And alien sex!


I actually consider it a sign of a good series when I pick it up in the middle and have no idea what the hell is going on. That means it’s taking advantage of the unrestrained insanity of superhero mythology. The incomprehensible arcana. Something like that. There is Nightcrawler in this now but he isn’t the regular Nightcrawler, instead he is a jerk? I enjoy that. What I do not enjoy as much are those thick, chunky lines which render things visually incomprehensible too.


A little short on the ebullient depravity this month, no? I’m not sure I even cracked a grin.




IS ASM ACCEPTABLE THIS WEEK: Yes, because I am a sucker for time travel.


This is some neat stuff, and I think maybe the first time that Greg Capullo has really managed to impress me with the art. Scratchy, ragged desperation in spades, plus some lovely sequences of Batman wandering in the dark labyrinth, and it’s hard to have a guy just wandering doing nothing and make it visually interesting. There’s a nice compression of time and space in those pages.


This seems like a good place to give up on reading Buffy, because the writers are damn determined to make it as boring and un-character-driven as possible, with THE DUMBEST PLOT TWISTS. Season 8 did some fun stuff that took advantage of the unlimited special effects budget of comics, but it really dragged too, plus Joss Whedon’s lesbian fetish became painfully apparent. When have guys ever made out on a Whedon show? Never, because there’s only one gay man in Buffy and he’s only there for comic relief. But girls? MAKING OUT ALL THE TIME. So call me when Xander sleeps with a dude.


Could probably use more action and less exposition right now, because this version of Wonder Woman is kind of boring unless she is kicking some mythological ass. Centaur butts. That is a promisingly creepy design for who I assume to be Hades, though.


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