What I Read This Week – 1/25/12


So far in the tradeoff between Ellis and Remender it looks like this series is going to lose some of the total weirdness (count me disappointed that they just fight run-of-the-mill supervillains this issue) and gained some actual characterization. The cast members actually have distinct personalities now! It’ll be interesting to see what the rest of the team dynamic is like. Please add more hyperdimensional threats though.


I am officially bored of this book though I will probably stick around for the next issue to see Jim Lee draw Apokalips. Though with Geoff Johns writing it it’ll probably just be boringly generic. Also EVERYBODY KNOWS OMEGA BEAMS CANNOT BE TRICKED INTO HITTING OBSTACLES, THEY WILL JUST GO AROUND THEM. Darkseid is supposed to be all-pervasive, inevitable, yet fatally human. Here he is just another bad guy to be smashed.


Sometimes I forget to buy books when they come out, this is one of those times, giving me a double dose of Remendermania this week. Will this series be able to balance maintaining an ongoing continuity and keeping up plot momentum? Ha! That isn’t possible in superheroes. Look for this book to either get abruptly cancelled or to run way too long, then switch to a different writer and peter out into mediocrity without actually ending.


Now this series might actually be able to maintain the aforementioned balance. Though without Hellboy to do Mignola might wander the earth an empty man or something like that. Maybe start a series about a half-angel called Heavenboy. Anyway the plot twist at the end might’ve had more impact if we knew more about these characters’ motivations or really much about their backgrounds. But that’s a minor complaint overall.


Well now that this boring plot is over maybe we can get to better ones. I’m still unsure on the whole relationship between Enchantress and June Moon, and why it is that Enchantress is cosmic-level threatening but PLEASE DO NOT SPEND MORE TIME ON THIS PLOT. There is some interesting character stuff in this book that needs to be given more room to expand without people fighting each other over misunderstandings.


I like that this book is putting some work into its setting. If they carry that background material all the way it might just end up a little like Starman, the kind of series that lays out a detailed world and just lets you hang out in it. Also it’s probably gonna be cool to see Manapul get abstract with the Speed Force.


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