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Often is the question asked of me: “what comic book web logs do you read and recommend?” I pretty much get asked that question on a near-constant basis, really, that’s all anyone ever wants to talk about with me is comic book web logs. Since the foundation of this blog lies in the fact that I kill a lot of time at work by seeking out and reading fancy intellectual comic book blogs, the kind that take comics SERIOUSLY, I may as well share/give props to the ones I like the best, the ones that convinced me people on the Internet might like to read my very important Batman ideas.

Mindless Ones

A long time WAY back in the day (apparently 2008 is The Day) I stumbled upon a link to this essay about the sheer weirdness inherent in Batman vehicles. It really resonated in my head, and I spent about three years occasionally trying to find it again, punching in various combinations of “batman essay joker helicopter” into Google to no avail. Then I found this website through some unrelated process, found it to be an excellent source for all things weird, intellectual, and Morrisonian in comics, read through the archives, and discovered that essay. Circle completed, mind reblown. If you, like me, prefer your pop culture smart and weird, you have great friends in the Mindless.

Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog

Probably the first comic blog I read on a regular basis, Mr. Sims, the world’s pre-eminent Batman scholar, introduced me to the pleasures of weird old superhero comics. Most of his stuff is up at Comics Alliance these days, which is also a nexus of good comic book news and writing.


Encompassing not just comic books, but also hip-hop and pro wrestling sometimes. David Brothers, Gavok, and Esther Inglis-Arkell are some of the nicest and most thoughtful comic bloggers in a fandom that lacks both those qualities. Sadly I am a being of pure hate and cannot aspire to such niceness.

The Factual Opinion

Also super smart, well-written, intellectual, etc., to be honest, we’re past the point where I have individuated things to say about these blogs, so let me just put up the rest without much comment.

The Savage Critics

Again With The Comics

DC Women Kicking Ass

Mr. Kitty And Friends

The Stupid Comics here are PURE GOLD. Oh wait that was something to say wasn’t it? Anyway, if you read these all already, congratulations to you, you are my equal. If not, I hope this humble offering of links shipped from the far reaches of the Netglobe pleases you, milord.


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